Panorama of Lake Chapala by Bernd Peter Sawatzki

Focus On Mexico

Move to Mexico Online Program

Learn all of the essentials of moving or retiring to Mexico from over 20 expert presentations - with a Focus on the Lake Chapala area.

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It's time to get focused on the areas you need help with to Move to Mexico

Unlike the 6-Day Conferences that we hold in Mexico, the Focus On Mexico - Move to Mexico Online Program is delivered entirely online. Dip in and watch the specific presentations you need to make the dream of a new life in Mexico a reality, or catch them all. It’s up to you!

Focus On Mexico has over 20 years of history in creating educational programs all about moving and living in Mexico. This program focuses on the Lake Chapala area, but over 70% of the Program's information is valid for anywhere in Mexico you might decide to go!

Focus Program Feedback;

Focus on Mexico overcame the obstacle of COVID by creating an excellent online seminar. It was well organized and informative showcasing qualified speakers. An added feature is for the attendees is having access to replays of each presentation. This is especially important due to the amount of information presented. I highly recommend this program if you are the least bit interested in moving to Mexico.

CB Lambert Jan 2021

The Focus on Mexico team has a long and stellar history of delivering their Move to Mexico program in Ajijic. Their online program duplicates the knowledge, professionalism and personal warmth; the next best thing to being there!

Jim Ashley Jan 2021

The Focus on Mexico Online Program is an authentic, informative, high integrity, real-world education on evaluating whether to move to Mexico, with a focus on the Lakeside area. The speakers are all experts in their areas, with lived experience in Mexico. The pricing is attractive, the value, very high. It’s time well spent.

Vijay Nilekani Jan 2021

Getting reliable, reputable contacts for immigration, taxes, movers, buying and/or importing cars, medical options is invaluable for those looking to make the move.

Shirley Burt Jan 2021

Excellent! Very comprehensive with knowledgeable speakers. We could surf the web for weeks and probably not get the quality and breadth of the up to date info we learned in this seminar.

Robert & Sandy Tan  Feb 2020

More Reviews from Focus Program Attendees

We believe that anyone who wants to retire in Mexico or "snowbird" in Mexico would find the Focus on Mexico a wonderful research tool on the process. They explained the procedure step-by-step, answered questions fully and raised and answered questions that we hadn't considered.

Terry & Carol Sullivan Nov 2019

I was provided with a wealth of information regarding a potential move not only to Ajijic but to Mexico in general. I've also been given contacts to utilize should I need more information in any specific area. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is considering a move to Mexico. Well worth the money spent.

Robin Evans March 2018

The best program. If you are even thinking about moving here to Ajijic, or anywhere in Mexico this is where you need to start. I lived and worked in Mexico years ago. I speak fluent Spanish...and I still came to a Focus week learning program in February 2017. It was worth the time and money to reconnect and feel secure about such a big move, even for me. Great friends, super support and guidance you will have forever. Love Focus on Mexico!!

Judith Gargyi

My wife and I attended the Focus On Mexico Learning Adventure just about a year ago and we have been living in Chapala-Ajijic ever since. We heartily recommend Focus as a way to get your feet on the ground and moving in the right direction. We have used the information that we received, the experts and even after the class follow-up support from Michael and Rhonda

Jorge del Castillo

I can only rave about the education I have received. You have made all this seem possible. It was such a comfort to get the kind of step-by-step information and instruction necessary to get here safely (Lake Chapala) and with a minimum of errors.

Beth Falls